BV&FF 2006

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2006 Awards Night


Pam McCann - M.C. Friday Awards Night

Mark Birnbaum & his " THE BIG BUY: Tom DeLay's Stolen Congress"

was the Festivals Documentary favorite.

Warren Moliken, Regional Sales & Marketing Manager of DiscMakers

& Hoku Uchiyama receiving Disc Makers Award for 2006 for "ROSE"

Watch Hoku's award presentation:

Hoku Uchiyama accepts Grand Festival Award

Waylon Bacon's "POSTER BOY" receives Grand Fest Award in Comedy

Colin V. Barton - Grand Fest Award in Experimental Cinema -"Friend Film"

The Nick Roth Trio performing at the Festival Awards Ceremony

Brendan Borrell "Double - Spaced: A Berkeley Comedy"

accepts Grand Festival Award for Features

John Forte's "Yosemite": Spirits Among the Rocks"

receives Grand Festival Documentary Award

LaDonna Witmer & Michelle M. Brown "TwoFaced" Grand Fest Award in Arts

Katie McDowell of Houston accepts her Grand Fest Award-Young Producer for

"The Substitute" - Jungle Software Gorilla Award

Padric Payton accepts Grand Fest Doc Award for Rick & Sharon Ray's

"10 Questions for the Dalai Lama"

Alan Ransil & his "The Last Judgement" get Grand Festival - Young Producers Award

"A Thousand Words" - Expressions School for Digital Arts - Emeryville

Grand Fest Student Filmmakers Award

Jacob Schwartz accepts Grand Fest Award - Young Producer

for "Mission Space 2" co-produced with Kevin Horowitz

Oaks Theatre - Friday Evening Awards

M.Vapour, James Molesky, Attorney & Kim on Saturday

BV&FF 2005

Additional Awards List

Festival Schedule & Official Selection Award Winners List

Final Screening Selections


The "Soldier of God" himself, actor Tim Abel, accepts the Grand Festival pecial Recognition Award for Feature on behalf of Mir Bahmanyar and Anabasis Films.

Eli Akira Kaufman & JB Powell accept the "Disc Makers" Grand Festival Special Recognition Award for Student Filmmakers-Short Feature for "Winning the Peace".

Gorham Kindem accepts the Grand Festival Award for his Documentary "Beyond the Wall".

Elan Glasser accepts his Grand Festival Award in Student Filmmaking for his Short Feature "Induction".

Ken Kimmelman accepts Grand Festival Award in the Arts from Mel Vapour for "Hot Afternoons have been in Montana" & schmoozes at reception.

Kelleth Chinn's "Apartment 202" wins Grand Festival Award for his Digital Feature that was an audience 'opening night' fave.

Paul Kealoha Blake, President of East Bay Media Center and Carolyn Erbele sample Briana Taylors catering.

Filmmaker, Attorney & '60's counter culture hero, R.G.Shalhoub, accepts the Grand Festival Special Recognition "Gorilla Software" Award for his Ethnographic film, "One Man's Treasure", truly, the 'peoples' choice favorite of 2005.

BV&FF Donor & Patron, David A.Woodrow, Filmmaker R.G.Shalhoub & Latvian Freedom Fighter, Andris Cukurs, mug & enjoy Briana Taylors catering.

Tomoe Umeda accepts Grand Festival Award for her Short Feature, "Sun After Darkness".

Ethan Kuperberg accepts the Grand Festival Award for Young Producers for his Short Feature, "Anthony in the Key of B".

New York Filmmaker Peter Bolte accepts his Grand Festival Special Recognition "Gorilla Software" Award for his Short Feature "V.O." & Best of Festival Award for his Experimental work "Liver-Colored Dew"

BV&FF Director Mel Vapour, Professor and Media Author Lalo Valdez and BV&FF Patron/Donor David A.Woodrow outside the Oaks Theatre.


EDward Rosenblum
"Fishbowl" & "The Hand"

Nonny de la Peña

Giovanni Sanseviero
"The Empty Building"

Douglas McFerran
"Photo Finish"

Elizabeth Newman
"Nothing Really Happens"

Cliff Roth
"The Stoned Channel"

Samm Styles
"Black August"

Karen Michel & Laura Black
"The Rules"

Siciliana Treviño
"Bag Hunger"

Kevin Walker & Patrick Ouziel
"Teen Planet"

Erica Eng

Hannie J. Voyles
"The Children of Fate"

John Grimes
"There's Something About W"

Casey Peek
"Eyes on the Fries"

Sapana Sakya
"Daughters of Everest"

Yoav Potash
"Minute Matrimony"

Bruce Bortin
"America Deserves Better"

Mathew Group

Marc Winokur
"The Car Song"

Peter C. Turner

David Woodrow,
Janice & Brad Burchell
Woodrow claims the record for viewing 46 films at BV&FF 04.

Awards Nite Reception
Friday, October 15, 2004

BV&FF 2004 was made possible by the contributions of all the filmmakers, the audiences, supporters, and our sponsors. Thank you.

BV&FF 2003

Filmmaker Allen Willis receives Lifetime Achievement Award from BV&FF Director Mel Vapour.
What the Filmmakers said about BV&FF 2003:

"Hey, congratulations on the festival... And thank you once again. I was honored and had a wonderful time."
- Hoku Uchiyama "Prelude"

"Thank you for the award! It was a true pleasure and probably the most sophisticated and best audience we've ever had. You organized a wonderful festival. Keep up the great work. You are exactly the audience we dreamed of..."
- Kim Caviness & Lyn Vaus "Temptation"

"I can't tell you how good it felt to open the package from you with my very first award as a filmmaker inside. Having the movie accepted to and screening in festivals is a joy in and of itself but receiving an award recognizing something that I have been so passionate about and so invested in on so many levels really helps me feel like I have made the right choices knowing that the work is appreciated. Thanks again for everything. I will keep you abreast on the future of the movie. It really helps that the subject of the movie, Famoso, is doing well. I just got a producer's rep. and he thinks the piece may get a limited theatrical release. I'm not holding my breath, but I am crossing my fingers. Having the 'Grand Festival Award' from your festival is going to help a lot!"
- Graham Rich "More Than Famous"

Filmmaker John Szabo receives Grand Festival Award - Short Features "on behalf of every bald person in the world."
"Thanks for providing an awesome venue for my film. About 10 of my friends made it to Sea Monkeys and we were all real impressed with the entire festival. I really enjoyed Titillating Steven, AfterMath: Unanswered Questions from 9/11, More Than Famous (that was as good as a fiction script!) and How to Meet Women. All of those films I honestly think could screen at ANY festival. Thanks again and congrats on a great festival!"
- John Szabo "Sea Monkeys"

"We just want to thank you for all your time and effort promoting the festival and bringing hundreds of people to our screening. I'm very sorry we were unable to attend. You folks are great! You did a fabulous job and we are honored to be a part of the festival. Thanks again."
- Jacqueline & Kerry Donelli "Titillating Steven"

"I wanted to thank you for a wonderful festival. The venue and presentation were first rate and the film line up was eclectic. I also appreciate the rapid return of my screening print. Keep the vision alive..."
- Steven Warrington "Murder Act One"

Filmmaker Marjorie Sturm receives Grand Festival Award - Short Features for Smoke the Pipe Dream

"Thanks again for everything! My friends and I really enjoyed the films. A lot of provocative and political ones that stirred a lot of discussion... from the Black Panther oral history to drag kings. Very cool."
- Marjorie Sturm "Smoke the Pipe Dream"

"Thank you for all of your efforts for the festival... I have never seen my work projected so beautifully. I hear from my film maker friends in NYC that the turn out was very solid for the BV&FF as compared to festivals they have attended."
- Carol Saft "My Brother Todd"

"Thanks for having our film played at your festival. It was really cool. Thanks again!"
- Sage Drake & John Westernoff "The Personals"

"Thanks for everything! I had a great time. Congrats on a great festival... Just got the trophy, thanks!!!"
- Jenny Andrews "The 'Bathroom' Agreement"

"Just wanted to thank you guys for the trophy..."
- Damon Packard "The Untitled STAR WARS Mocumentary"

Jerry Leddy accepts Grand Festival Special Recognition Award - Documentary on behalf of New York filmmaker Mike Lennon. Filmmaker Kia Simon receives Grand Festival Award - Music Video for The Dive. Kia adds this award to her seven prior BV&FF major awards collection.
Filmmakers Kim Caviness & Lyn Vaus receives Grand Festival Award - Features for Temptation.

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