Landmark California Theatre . 2113 Kittredge St. Downtown Berkeley . Box Office . 510.464-5983

Ticket . Program Info . 510.843.3699

Tickets for each day will be available at Landmark's California Theatre Box Office Festival Weekend

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East Bay Media Center

1939 Addison Street - Downtown Berkeley's Arts District.

Phone 510.843.3699 or in person - Mon - Fri. 10am - 5:30pm

Accepting Visa, Mastercard, American Express.


$11.@ General Admission.

$8.@.Students.Seniors.EBMC Members.

A General Admission Ticket is good for all screenings entire day . Filmmakers reception not open to general public.

All Filmmakers receive two passes to BVFF for all screenings, awards presentation and reception.

Additional Filmmakers 3 day passes for your guests are $20.@ .

Filmmakers go to FILMMAKERS BOX OFFICE at the California Theatre, to pickup your passes during Festival weekend.


6:30pm - Filmmakers Reception & Awards Presentation - Filmmakers & Guests only

Screenings Begin

7:30pm - "The Homecoming" - Max Strebel - Young Producer - 10 min.
7:40pm - "Tile M for Murder" - Katie McDowell & Andrew Edison - Young Producer - 10min.
7:50pm - "Silhouettes" - Patrick Ouziel & Kevin Walker - Young Producer - 8:00 min.
8:00pm - "Stevie" - Jesse Barret-Mills - Student Filmmaker - 5:00 min.
8:05pm - "Secret Agent Robot" - Vivian Nikolich - Student Filmmaker - 9:00min.
8:15pm - "Somewhere in the City" - Ramsey Denison - Student Filmmaker - 13:00min.
8:30pm - "The Frank Anderson" - Orit Schwartz - Short Feature - 13:00 min.
8:45pm - "Chronicles of Impeccable Sportsmanship" - Erika Tasini - Short Feature - 7:00 min
8:55pm - "Slippery Shiny Feathery Things" - LaDonna Witmer & Michelle M. Brown - Arts - 10:00 min.
9:05pm - "The Almighty Beer" - Yohei Kawamata - Commercial - 3:00 min.
9:10pm - "Flaming Chicken" - Gerald Varney - Experimental - 20:00 min
9:30pm - "Hillary in '08" - Andrew Delaplaine - Cell Phone Vid - 2:00 min.
9:35pm - "Polis Is This-Charles Olson and the Persistence of Place"- Henry Ferrini / Ken Riaf - Documentary - 60 min.
10:35pm - "The Job Trilogy - Film Assistant Job"- Bruce Bortin - Commercials / P.S.A.'s - 4:00 min.

1:00pm - "Rufus' Adventure" - Wiliam Hamilton, Colin Roache, Tyler Finnie - Young Producer - 3:00 min.
1:05pm - "America's Next Top Killer" - Zack Scott/EBMC Summer Media Camp -Young Producer - 8:00 min.
1:15pm - "Being Cool" - Jennifer Lim - Young Producer - 3:00 min.
1:20pm - "The Exploits of Carl Fiole" - Patrick Ouziel - Young Producer - 9:00 min.
1:30pm - "My Father's Tears" - Candace Infuso - Young Producer - 10:00 min.
1:40pm - "Display Devices" - David Finkelstein - Experimental - 25:00 min.
2:05pm -"What's Going On Up There?" - Maryanne Galvin - Documentary - 30:00 min.
2:35pm - "The True Story of Kalui Koolau" - E. Koohan Paik - Ethnographic - 28:00 min.
3:05pm - "Islands at Risk" - Na Maka o ka Aina - Documentary - 29:00 min.
3:35pm - "Maybe Baby" - Shannon O'Rourke - Documentary - 60:00 min.
4:35pm - "Snake Blood" - Graig Gilkeson - Short Feature - 6:00 min.
4:45pm - "Lanesplitting" - Chet Patterson - Student Filmmaker - SFSDF - 5:00 min.
4:50pm - "San Francisco In the Eye of the Beholder" - Ephantus Njenga - Student Filmmaker - SFSDF - 5:00 min.
4:55pm - "Improved Odds" - Dawn Green - Student Filmmaker - SFSDF - 7:30 min.
5:05pm - "World Within Worlds" - Marlene Sinicki - Student Filmmaker - SFSDF - 5:00 min.
5:10pm - "Paul Wade" - Michael Cho - Student Filmmaker - SFSDF - 4:00 min
5:15pm - "Three Sides of Pi" - Tony Gault - Experimental - 13:00 min.
5:30pm - "Soldiers of Sisyphus" - Bob Barancik - Experimental - 4:00 min.
5:35pm - "Anthem" - Alex Potts - Experimental - 10:00 min.
5:45pm - " The Presence of Another Door" - Morten Dysgaard - Experimental - 7:00 min.

5:52pm - Intermission

SOLD OUT! Thank You, Berkeley!!

6:05pm - "Special Circumstances" - Marianne Teleki - Documentary - 73:00 min.
7:20pm - "Dessert" - Max Strebel /Ashlyn Perri - Young Producers - Comedy - 4:00 min.
7:35pm - "Diary of Niclas Gheiler" - George Aguilar - Documentary - 32:00 min.
8:10pm - "Damaged Goods" - Graham Rich - Short Feature - 22:00
8:35pm - "Vanished Acres" - Adam Bolt - Student Filmmaker - Short Feature - 31:00 min.
9:10pm - "Broken" - Alex Ferrari - Short Feature - 20:00 min.
9:30pm - "A Trip to Prague" - Neil Ira Needleman - Experimental - 5:00 min.
9:35pm - "Leftovers" - Chelsea Walton - Experimental - 1:00 min.
9:40pm - "Johnny Was" - A Ben Katz Production - Feature - 88:00 min.

1:00pm -"Gorillas and Other Wildlife of Uganda and Rwanda" - Fred Heiman - Educational - 41:00 min.
1:45pm - "One Word" - Kellen Moore - Young Producer - 5:00 min.
1:50pm - "Bananamation" - Daniel Jaffe - Young Producer - 3:00 min
1:55pm - "Geist" - Mike O'Hara - Student Filmmaker - Short Feature - 14:00 min.
2:15pm -"Your Move" - Ed Sharpe - Comedy - 3:00 min
2:20pm -"The Raft" - Betty McAfee - Senior Producer - 5:00 min.
2:25pm - "Marione" - Richard Randall - Senior Producer - 4:00 min.
2:30pm - "Listen to Iran's People - A Call for Peace" - Margot Smith - Senior Producer - 28:00 min.
3:00pm - "Clove" - Andrea Young - Education - 15:00 min.
3:15pm -. "Journey By Heart" - Michelle Paymar - Documentary - 18:00 min.
3:35pm - "Meet Mary Pleasant" - Susheel Bibbs - Documentary - 41:00 min.
4:20pm - "Mother Hubbard" - Ishmael Reed - Arts - 87 min.
5:50pm - "Broadcast Cowboy" - David Washburn - Documentary - 20:00 min
6:10pm - "Cowboy Johnny Yamada" - Yohei Kawamata - Short Feature - 18:00 min.
6:30pm - "The Way Out Is Through" - Erik Innocent - Music Video - 5:00
6:35pm - "Medication #4" - Zack Kasten - Music Video - 4:00 min.

6:40pm. - Intermission

6:55pm - "The Big Game" - L A Wood and Berkeley Citizen - Documentary - 29:00 min.
7:25pm - "Bars + Tone" - Les Stuck - Experimental - 6:00 min.
7:35pm - "H.R. Giger's Sanctuary" - Nick Brandestini / Steve Ellington - Documentary - 19:00
7:55pm - "Manhattan Rendez-vous" - John Hakalax / Kim Finn - Documentary - 40 min.
8:35pm - "Dandelion Man" - Peter Bolte - Feature - 82:00 min
10:00pm - "The Morning Show - The Trailer" - Andrew Delaplaine - Animation - 4:00 min
10:05pm - "The Little Documentary that couldn't" - Ken Saba - Feature - 80:00 min.

"Johnny Was" - A Benjamin Katz Production, Directed by Mark Hammond, Written by Brendan Foley, Starring Vinnie Jones, Roger Daltrey, Lennox Lewis, Samantha Mumba, Eric LaSalle, and Patrick Bergin. Johnny trying to escape a violent past in Ireland, hides out in Brixton, London. Johnny faces questions of race, morality, loyalty, and ultimately survival--played out against a great reggae sound track. - 88 min. Screens Sat. Oct. 6 - 9:40pm

"The Little Documentary that couldn't" - Ken Saba - A Gestation Entertainment Production, Directed by Richard Hartman and Matt Lambro, written for the screen by Matt Lambro and Ken Saba, starring Matt Lambro, Patrick Viall, Tony Kelly, Axelle Grelet, Gabriel Diani, and Jake Hanover. A documentary filmmaker attempts to make his movie about a Los Angeles actress but goes astray from his subject matter and finds a better story. - 80 min. Screens Sun. Oct. 7 - 10:05pm

"Dandelion Man" - Peter Bolte - Dandelion Man is the story of a man drifting through life self-absorbed and unaware of the damage he inflicts upon those close to him until he is forced to come to terms with his own damaged past and crippling baggage. - 82 min. Screens Sun. Oct. 7 - 8:35pm.

"The Frank Anderson" - Orit Schwartz - Frank Anderson has man-boobs, his breast reduction surgery is denied by his insurance agent until super-hot Bobbie Lynn enters the picture. -13 min. Screens Fri. Oct. 5 - 8:30pm

"Chronicles of Impeccable Sportsmanship" - Erika Tasini - A little girl, her parents, and their ball. - 7 min. Screens Fri. Oct. 5 - 8:45pm.

"Cowboy Johnny Yamada" - Yohei Kawamata - A Chaplinesque Japanese cowboy, Johnny Yamada, passes the test to be an all-American cowboy. - 18 min. Screens Sun. Oct. 7 - 6:10pm.

"Damaged Goods" - Graham Rich - Two fractured souls find each other in group therapy. In an emotionally charged relationship, can their bond survive their own hang-ups? - 22 min. Screens Sat. Oct 6 - 8:10pm.

"Broken" - Alex Ferrari - Bonnie Clayton has it all, a great relationship, a challenging career, and the burden of a dream that grows more vivid and disturbing with each passing night. But when Bonnie is abducted by a sadistic stranger and his colorful entourage, she discovers that the key to her survival lies within the familiar realms of her recurring dream. - 20 min. Screens Sat. Oct. 6 - 9:10pm.

" Snake Blood" - Graig Gilkeson - A young woman encounters feelings of loneliness and isolation in a strange new city. - 6min. Screens Sat. Oct. 6 - 4:35pm.

"Polis Is This - Charles Olson and the Persistence of Place" - Henry Ferrini & Ken Riaf - Featuring John Malkovich with Peter Anastas, Amiri Baraka, Charles Boer, Robert Creeley, Diane Di Prima, Vincent Ferrini, Gerrit Lansing, Ed Sanders, John Sinclair, John Stilgoe, Anne Waldman and Jonathan Williams, Music by Willie Alexander, Pete Seeger, and Stephan Wolpe. -Travel with John Malkovich on a poetic romp that leads from your door to the edge of the universe. - 60 min." A beautifully composed homage to one of the few truly monumental American Poets of our times."- Jack Hirschman, Poet Laureate of San Francisco - Screens Fri. Oct. 5 - 9:35pm.

"Manhattan Rendez-vous" - John Hakalax & Kim Finn - Scandinavian sculptor Kim Simonsson meets New Yorkers who represent the leading players of the art business in Manhattan since the 1960's. Simonsson visits artist Judy Fox, known worldwide for her provocative child sculptures and gallery owner Nancy Margolis, curator and museum director Ron Kuchta, American Ceramics publisher Harry Dennis, and critic Cynthia Nadelman. - 40 min. Screens Sun. Oct. 7 - 7:55pm.

"H.R. Giger's Sanctuary" - Nick Brandestini and Steve Ellington - This unique film portrays the master of the airbrush, the inventor of "biomechanics" and the creator of the Academy Award winning "Alien". The artist talks openly about his fascination with the morbid, his fame and cult following, his fears and nightmares, and about his visions of the future. - 19 min. Screens Sun. Oct. 7 - 7:35pm.

"Diary of Niclas Gheiler" - George Aguilar - This film is considered a " mash-up" which means it was created using various footage and stills found freely on the World Wide Web. Working from a few oral stories, told in bits and pieces to him as a child, the artist, attempts to understand the life of a grandfather he never knew. The result is an original story told in diary format and thoroughly researched to include a timeline of events that occurred between 1918 -1937 involving WWI all the way up to the early beginnings of the Nazi era in Germany. - 32 min. Screens Sat. Oct. 6 - 7:35pm.

"Special Circumstances" - Marianne Teleki - This documentary follows former political prisoner, Hector Salgado, as he returns to Chile almost 30 years later, camera in hand, to confront the perpetrators and his former captors looking for answers and justice. - 73 min. Screens Sat. Oct. 6 - 6:05pm.

"Maybe Baby" - Shannon O'Rourke - What happens when a group of single American women past their reproductive prime, give up looking for Mr. Right" and settle for "Mr. Right's DNA? - 59 min. Screens Sat. Oct. 6 - 3:35pm.

"What's Going On Up There" - Maryanne Galvin - Examines the sacrifices that must be made on the road to revitalizing the space industry. - 30 min. Screens Sat. Oct. 6 - 2:05pm.

"Islands at Risk" - Na Maka o ka Aina - Farmers, teachers, community activisits, legal and medical experts give their perspective on the genetic engineering of crops and the patenting of life forms. - 28.5 min. Screens Sat. Oct. 6 - 3:05pm.

"The Big Game" - L A Wood and Berkeley Citizen - Berkeley's urban tree-sit at the University of California campus and community efforts to save the endangered oak grove from the axe of the UC regents. - 28 min. Screens Sun. Oct. 7 - 6:55pm.

"Broadcast Cowboy" - David Washburn - Dude Martin was one of California's most successful singing cowboys. He was a popular radio host in Oakland during the 1930s and later became one of San Francisco's first television celebrities. But was his cowboy image real or simply a stage persona? Can such a distinction be made? Using brilliant sound and silent film footage from the 1930s and 40s, Broadcast Cowboy tells the life story of Stephen McSwain, aka Dude Martin, and will change your perception of America's most iconic image, The Cowboy. - 20 min. Screens Sun. Oct.7 - 5:50pm.

"Meet Mary Pleasant" - Susheel Bibbs - Known as the Mother of Civil Rights in California, this film tells her story and shows the impact of her work in a unique performance documentary. - 41 min. Screens Sun. Oct. 7 - 3:35pm.

"Journey by Heart" - Michelle Paymar - An intimate look at Berkeley's groundbreaking Alzheimer's Center of the East Bay, a visionary and caring community supporting people affected by Alzheimer's and other dementias. - 18 min. Screens Sun. Oct. 7 - 3:15pm.

"Somewhere in the City" - Ramsey Denison - Short Feature - Former drug addict Toby Cray has straightened out his life, but finds straightening other peoples out, impossible. -12.5 min. Screens Fri. Oct. 5 - 8:15pm.

"Vanished Acres" - Adam Bolt - Short Feature - In this surreal tale, an old farmer discovers his deceased wife had an affair with his scarecrow, uncovering a haunting past. - 31min. Screens Sat. Oct. 6 - 8:35pm.

"Geist" - Mike O'Hara - Short Feature - Nick Haltom will embark on a suicidal mission of kidnapping a young girl. - 14 min. Screens Sun. Oct. 7 - 1:55pm.

"Secret Agent Robot" - Vivian Nikolich - Animation -The film takes place in a world of robots. 9 min. Screens Fri. Oct 5 - 8:05pm.

"Stevie" - Jesse Barrett-Mills - Dramatic - Stevie, is about a man who is an employee of an institution for the mentally handicapped. While there, he comes to the realization he is also a patient. - 5 min. Screens Fri. Oct. 5 - 8:00pm.

Student Filmmakers of San Francisco School of Digital Filmmaking

"Paul Wade" - Michael Cho - Documentary - A story of Paul Wade coming to San Francisco from Dublin, winning Golden Gloves title and opening the Third Street Gym. - 4.25 min. Screens Sat. Oct. 6 - 5:10pm.

"World Within Worlds" - Marlene Sinicki - Documentary - The film is a portrait of the artist Neil Seth Levine that explores his creative process and sources of inspiration. - 5 min. Sat. Oct. 6 - 5:05pm.

"Lanesplitting" - Chet Patterson - Documentary - California is the only U.S. state that allows lane splitting - when motorcycles weave between lanes in congested traffic.The film explores statistics and beliefs about the practice. - 4.5 min. Screens Sat. Oct. 6 - 4:45pm.

"Improved Odds " - Dawn Green - Matt and Elizabeth discuss the accident that left Matt paralyzed a year after they were wed, and how in the wake of the accident they rediscovered love. - 7.5min. Screens Sat. Oct. 6 - 4:55pm.

"San Francisco In The Eye Of The Beholder" - Ephantus Njenga - This documentary is about a homeless lady and how she has experienced San Francisco, bitterly. - 5 min. Screens Sat. Oct. 6 - 4:50pm.

"The Presence of Another Door"- Morten Dysgaard - A narrative about a Pakistanian and an American man, who's not able to see each other despite that they are in the same room. - 6.25min. Screens Sat. Oct. 6 - 5:45pm.

"A Trip to Prague" - Neil Ira Needleman - There aren't enough happy endings in the world, so I decided to create my own. This short, sweet and touching story is told, very simply, by a narrator and my friendHerb's wonderful sketches of Prague. The story may be fiction, but the feelings are real. And, I sincerely believe, happy endings can be real, too. - 4.5 min. Screens Sat. Oct. 6 - 9:30pm.

"Three Sides of Pi" - Tony Gault - My brother - Junky, Joker, Bon Vivant. Peter got his nickname after 'Pierre' became "Pie"; then simply (pie symbol). Understanding him was like trying to figure out the area of a circle. - 12.5 min. Screens Sat. Oct. 6 - 5:15pm.

"Bars + Tone" - Les Stuck - Video calibration bars and a testtone are transfigured into an object of natural beauty. - 5.75 min. Screens Sun. Oct. 7 - 7:25pm.

"Display Devices" - David Finklestein - A pixelated universe, in which tiny rectanglesof pure color are combined into imageswhich display coded messages of gender, philosophy, and urgently personal visions. - 25 min. Screens Sat. Oct. 6 - 1:40pm.

"Leftovers" - Chelsea Walton - A cut- out meat animation illustrates one farm girl's reason to avoid eating four-legged animals. - 1 min. Screens Sat. Oct. 6 - 9:35pm.

"Flaming Chicken" - Gerald Varney - A man returns to San Francisco by plane after 40 years. Looking out the window evokes images from the sixties. This film has great archival / historic footage from the be-ins and streets of the City of Flower Power - 19.75 min. Screens Fri. Oct. 5 - 9:10pm.

"Soldiers of Sisyphus" - Bob Barancik - A mute meditation on the futility of War. - 4 min. Screens Sat. Oct. 6 - 5:30pm.

"Anthem" - Alex Potts - A song for your optical mind. - 9.75 min. Screens Sat. Oct. 6 - 5:35pm.

"The Morning Show - Trailer" - Andrew Delaplaine - The trailer for the dynamic animated feature, starring XYZ News' top-rated anchor, Sara Succubus, and bombshell Marilyn Airhair. - 3.5 min. Screens Sun. Oct. 7 - 10:00pm.

"Slippery Shiny Feathery Things" - LaDonna Witmer / Michelle M. Brown - A collection of cinepoems that captures the unflinching need to fly, despite the fraility of feathers and other winged things. - 10 min. Screens Fri. Oct 5 - 8:55pm.

"Mother Hubbard" - Ishmael Reed - Directed by Rome Neal; original score and musical direction by Ronald L. McIntyre; lyrics by Ishmael Reed; from the original play at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe - East Village, New York; Mary Wilson, formerly of the Supremes, and author of “Dream Girls” stars in Ishmael Reed’s comic musical romp about the gender wars entitled,” Mother Hubbard."- 87 min. Screens Sun. Oct. 7 - 4:20pm.

"Gorillas and Other Wildlife of Uganda and Rwanda" - Fred Heiman - There are only 720 mountain gorillas in the world, take a look at them and other wildlife in Uganda, Rwanda and the Congo - 41min. Screens Sun. Oct. 7 - 1:00pm.

"Clove" - Andrea Young - An instructional video on growing garlic from the perspective of an 84 year old garlic farmer. - 15.5 min. Screens Sun. Oct. 7 - 3:00pm.

"Ancient Forests" - John Forte - Welcome to the Ancient Forest,
Join on this beautiful Journey through America's only Temperate Rainforest and discover the Beauty and Majesty it holds.
The Hoh Rain Forest is one of the few temperate rain forests in the world, and is also the largest. It is located on the Olympic Peninsula in western Washington state, USA.The dominant species in the rain forest are Sitka Spruce and Western Hemlock; some grow to tremendous size, reaching 95 m (over 300 feet) in height and 7 m (23 feet) in circumference. Coast Douglas-fir, Western Redcedar, Bigleaf Maple, Red Alder, Vine Maple, and Black Cottonwood are also found throughout the forest. - 21.5 min. Screens - TBA

"Medication #4 - Zack Kasten - A music video for the Gris Gris' Medication #4..taken from their album "For The Season". - 3.5 min Screens Sun. Oct. 7 - 6:35pm.

"The Way Out Is Through" - Erik Innocent - Quiet; a threat; the battle; again, quiet. - 5 min. Screens Sun. Oct. 7 - 6:30pm.

"Your Move" - Ed Sharpe - 2 People...They move... like a checker game of life... - 3 min. Screens Sun. Oct. 7 - 2:15pm.

"Hillary in '08 - Andrew Delaplaine - A series of 2 minute animated episodes that are suitable for webisodes or mobisodes. Explore Hillary Clinton's innermost thoughts as she runs for president. - 2 min. Screens Fri. Oct. 5 - 9:30pm.

"Listen to Iran's People: A Call for Peace" - Margot Smith - Documentary - Peace delegates from the fellowship of Reconciliation visited Iran in March 2007. The 23 were told by all--students, professors and imams, that they all want peace. - 28 min. Screens Sun. Oct. 7 - 2:30pm.

"The Raft" - Betty McAfee - Arts - A raft (in Maine) becomes a metaphor for healing at the time of a 15 year old's recovery from a very serious accident. It is a meditative piece. - 4.75 min. Screens Sun. Oct. 7 - 2:20pm.

" Marione" - Richard Randell - Animation - Nearly 1,000 years ago i9n Venice, Italy, Slav pirates attempt to rape some girls and steal their dowries...that fails, and townspeople devise a plan to thwart future pirate schemes. - 3.75 min. Screens Sun. Oct. 7 - 2:25pm.

"Tile M for Murder" - Katie McDowell & Andrew Edison - A dark comedy about word games, cruel irony, and one man's undying hatred for his wife. - Comedy - 9.25 min. Screens Fri. Oct. 5 - 7:40pm.

"The Homecoming" - Max Strebel - A young girl waits at home for her father to return from war. - Dramatic Short - 10 min. Screens Fri. Oct. 5 - 7:30pm.

"Silhouettes" - Patrick Ouziel & Kevin Walker - A teen with an unusual shadow and the challenge of fitting in and finding friendship in a judgemental world. - Dramatic Short - 8 min. Screens Fri. Oct. 5 - 7:50pm.

"My Father's Tears" - Candace Infuso - Recounts a woman's tumultuous childhood of love and loss and how one family struggles to come to terms with a father's mental illness. - Dramatic Short - 10 min. Screens Sat. Oct. 6 - 1:30pm.

" Dessert" - Max Strebel & Ashlyn Perry - A neurotic aunt comes to a family dinner prompting the family members to fantasize about her comically brutal death. - Comedy - 4 min. Screens Sat. Oct. 6 - 7:20pm.

"The Exploits of Carl Fiole" - Patrick Ouziel & Nick Lopez - Upon being released from the hospital, a write rstruggles to finish his book. - Dramatic Short - 8.5 min. Screens Sat. Oct. 6 - 1:20pm.

"Bananamation" - Daniel Jaffe - This film is a stop-frame animation production about a runaway banana that gets captured and made into banana bread. - Animation - 3 min. Screens Sun. Oct. 7 - 1:50pm.

"One Word" - Kellen Moore - This film is a music video that tells the traditional story of good versus evil in a very unique fashion. - Music Video - 4.5 min. Screens Sun. Oct. 7 - 1:45pm.

"America's Next Top Killer" - East Bay Media Center Summer Media Camp 2007 - Directed by Zack Scott - A spoof Reality TV Show - 8.11 min. Screens Sat. Oct. 6 - 1:05pm.

"Rufus' Adventure" - William Hamilton, Colin Roache, Tyler Finnie - A loving tale of an orange man and his adventures on the sea. - Animation - 2.75 min. Screens Sat Oct. 6 - 1:00pm.

"Being Cool" - Jennifer Lim - A young boy struggles against the supposed evil influence of homosexualtiy in this satirical, politically charged commercial. - Comedy - 2.5 min. Screens Sat. Oct. 6 - 1:15pm.

"Job Trilogy - Film Assistant Job" - Bruce Bortin - I made a video-ad to help me in my job search. First job was a disaster. Made another wise-ass ad. Finally got a good job at the Homeless Advocacy Project in San Francisco; made a video there for the in-house talent show. - 4 min. Screens Fri. Oct. 5 - 10:35pm.

"The Almighty Beer" - Yohei Kawamata - A whacky twist for a Catholic beer commercial. - 3 min. Screens Fri. Oct. 5 - 9:05pm.

"The True Story of Kaluai Koolau" - E. Koohan Paik - The true story of the Hawaiian hero, Kaluaikoolau,who during Hawaii's annexation period defied American military law in order to keep his family together. - 28 min. Screens Sat. Oct. 6 - 2:35pm.



Grand Festival Award - Special Recognition - Features
“Johnny Was”- A Ben Katz Production - Directed by Mark Hammond


Grand Festival Award - Features
“The Little Documentary that couldn’t”- Ken Saba

Grand Festival Award - Short Features
“The Frank Anderson” - Orit Schwartz


Grand Festival Award - Documentary - Mash Up
“Diary of Niclas Gheiler" - George Aguilar


Grand Festival Award - Special Recognition - Documentary
“Polis Is This - Charles Olson and the Persistence of Place”
Henry Ferrini & Ken Riaf

Grand Festival Award - Documentary
“Maybe Baby” - Shannon O’Rourke

Grand Festival Award - Documentary - Community Activism
“The Big Game”- L A Wood & Berkeley Citizen


Grand Festival Award - Special Recognition - Student Filmmaker
“Somewhere in the City” - Ramsey Denison


Grand Festival Award - Special Recognition - Young Producer
“The Homecoming”- Max Strebel


Best of Festival Award - Special Recognition - Features
“Dandelion Man” - Peter Bolte

Grand Festival Award - Short Features - Under $99
“Chronicles of Impeccable Sportsmanship” - Erika Tasini

Grand Festival Award - Documentary
“Special Circumstances” - Marianne Teleki

Grand Festival Award - Special Recognition - Student Filmmaker
“Vanished Acres” - Adam Bolt

Grand Festival Award - Experimental
“Flaming Chicken” - Gerald Varney

Grand Festival Award - Young Producer
“Tile M for Murder” - Katie Mc Dowell & Andrew Edison

Grand Festival Award - Young Producer
“Silhouettes” - Patrick Ouziel & Kevin Walker

Grand Festival Award - Education
“Clove” - Andrea Young

Grand Festival Award - Arts
“Slippery Shiny Feathery Things” - LaDonna Witmer & Michelle M. Brown

Grand Festival Award -Animation & Cell Phone Vid
“Hillary in ‘08 and “The Morning Show - Trailer”- Andrew Delaplaine

Grand Festival Award - Music Vid
Medication#4 - Zack Kasten



"Damaged Goods - Graham Rich
“Broken” - Alex Ferrari
"Cowboy Johnny Yamada” - Yohei Kawamata


“H. R.Giger’s Sanctuary” - Nick Brandestini and Steve Ellington
“Islands at Risk” - Na Maka o ka Aina
“Manhattan Rendez-vous” - John Hakalax and Kim Finn
“Meet Mary Pleasant” - Susheel Bibbs
"Journey By Heart" - Michelle Paymar


San Francisco School of Digital Filmmaking:
“Paul Wade” - Michael Cho

“Lanesplitting” - Chet Patterson
“World Within Worlds” - Marlene Sinicki
“Improved Odds” - Dawn Green
“San Francisco In the Eye of the Beholder” - Ephantus Njenga

"Stevie" - Jesse Barret-Mills
"Secret Agent Robot" - Vivian Nikolich


“Anthem” - Alex Potts
“Bars + Tone” - Les Stuck


“Dessert” - Max Strebel and Ashlyn Perry
“My Father’s Tears” - Candace Infuso
“One Word” - Kellen Moore


“Marione” - Richard Randell
“Listen to Iran’s People: A Call for Peace” - Margot Smith

The Raft”
- Betty McAfee


“The Almighty Beer” - Yohei Kawamata
“The Job Trilogy - Film Assistant Job” - Bruce Bortin


“Your Move” - Ed Sharpe


“Mother Hubbard” - Ishmael Reed


“The Way Out Is Through” - Erik Innocent


“The Story of Kalui Kaoolau” - E. Koohan Paik

Honorable Mention Awards

"Geocache" - David Liban
"California Chronicles of Medical Marijuana" - Claire Burch
"Don’t Eat the Baby: Adventures at Post-Katrina Mardi Gras" - David Moss
"Becoming Quentin" - Andrew Delaplaine
"Desert Mirage Day at the Park" - Ed Sharpe
"Silent Choices" - Faith Pennick
"Seed to Talk: A Sorghum Tradition" - Jeffrey Hill
"America’s Chemical Angels" - Oxana Chumak
"The Drag" - Danny Brown
"Spider-Man" - Lee Man Wah
"We Desperately Need More Americans Like My Late Uncle Mack" - Neil Ira Needleman
"Green & White" - Kent Sanctuary


"SpaceDisco-One (The Movie)" - Damon Packard
"The Entertainer" - Luis Ramos


"Starting from Scratch" - Stefan Lysenko
"City Something, Hey Johnny" - Joe Harper


SPECIAL RECOGNITION -"The Crow: Purgatory 2" - Jeff Lunzaga
"The Last Dive" - Matt Jenkins
"Sphere Factor!" - Ed Sharpe
"All Globe Runner Party X" - Yoshimasa Higashi
"Razor Burn" - Don Berry
The Bench - Jeffrey Flemming
"Captain Amerika" - Camilo Leon
"Fat Floats on Top" - Pamela Wei Endrina & Gerald Gutshmidt
"Timecam" - Don Berry
"Cam Stryker Man from T.R.A.S.H." - Ed Sharpe


"Last Request" - Neil Ira Needleman
"Meditation" - Neil Ira Needleman
"Cabinet" - Todd Herman
"Your Whole Body is a Target" - Eileen Cowin
"Through These Trackless Waters" - Elizabeth Henry
"Casco Bay Swing" - Bob Barancik
"The Expeditionists: La Ciudad Dorada" - Sabine Gruffat
"Lovers in Various Poses" - Sarah Blaylock
"Reflections" - Hart Ginsburg
"Flowers for McGillycuddy" - Kristina Faragher & Curt LeMieux
"Other Turbans" - Darrin Martin


"Thespian" - Eugene Chao
"Together / Apart" - Ryan Silveira
"A Tale of Two Lakes" - Peter Cramer
"Norton I, Emperor of the United States" - Rachel Perey, Noel Chavez & Leo Medrano


"Kasha’s Beer in the Rear" - Michael Steck


"Sierra Foothills Property 4th of July" - Greg Bueghly


"Arcadia" - Katie Flynn
"The Iliad" - Cory Stouvall
"Masquerade" - Kellen Moore
"Saving Tot-Lot" - Tech2 Productions Campolindo High
"Speaking Truth to Power" - Melissa Mergner
"The Life Effect" - Katie Flynn
"Frames" - Gabe Harden & Dana Cardwell


"Popcorn" - Richard Randell
"Campus Peace" - George Elfie Ballis


"The Cannonball Express" - Steven P. Kennedy
"Heroism: First to Respond" - Ed Sharpe
"Take Care of Your Heart" - Ed Sharpe
"Superterrestrial Goldfish" - Lau Heung Wing


"Fresh Women" - Michael Whalen


"Fifty Percent Grey" - Ruairi Robinson
"Shut Eye Hotel" - Bill Plympton


"Guardian Angel" - Jason Garcia
"Spaceman" - Scary Cow Productions & Eileen Alden
"False or True" - Chris Fiorentini
"Ghetto Ways" - Danny Drysdale & Britte Sappington

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All fees are non-refundable and required for entries to be considered for the festival.

Independent Filmmakers:
$40 for first video/film entry and $25 for each additional video/film entry.

Student Filmmakers,Young Producers, & EBMC Members,
$30 for first video/film entry and $15 for each additional video/film entry.

Entry Fee Waivers

Entry fees will not be waived, keep this in mind when filling out your entry form.


Open call to all Producers. All entries must have been completed within the last 24 months.

Past Berkeley Video & Film Festival entries are ineligible.


Awards will be presented by jury selected entries in each category.

Disc Makers DVD Replication Award - prize of 300 DVD-5s, full-color printing, and packaging in Amaray-style boxes from Disc Makers, for the selected Grand Festival Award winner.

Avid Xpress Pro - real time film and video editing software for the selected Grand Festival Award winner in Student Filmmakers.

Gorilla Pro - "Everything is at your fingertips, including a full contact manager, complete budgeting and scheduling, locations, film festivals, and more." - film production software for the selected Grand Festival Award winners.

BV&FF Peace Reel Awards - will be presented to select Grand Festival Award winners.

BVFF Peace Trophies - will be presented to select Grand Festival Award winners.

Baseline Studio Systems - one year software License to Baseline Studios System

Certificates will be issued to the Best of Festival, Award of Excellence, and Honourable Mention award winners.

Acceptable Formats

Entries must be submitted in MiniDV, DVD-R, DVCAM, BETACAM SP. All must be NTSC format.

All videos must be labled with TITLE, PRODUCER/S NAME/S, CATEGORY and TOTAL RUNNING TIME.

Submitted tapes and discs WILL NOT be returned unless specified and return postage & envelope supplied.


Feature, Short Feature, Documentary, Student Filmmakers, Young Producers, Music Video, Ethnographic, Experimental,

Commercials/PSA, Comedy, Animation, Educational, Arts, Cell Phone Vid, Senior Producers


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